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Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 Is No Longer Listed On Official Store

When Apple launched its first tablet, iPad, all manufacturers think this is the future tech. Actually, this product brought a lot of benefit to the Cupertino-based company. So many manufacturers began designing their own models not to let their customers to ‘flow’ towards Apple. Probably, Samsung can be considered to be one of the most real rivals to Apple. But this doesn’t mean other manufacturers didn’t come with good tablets. Say, Xiaomi has managed to launch three models for this niche. We have been thinking the Xiaomi Mi Tab 3, which is the latest addition to the line, is a very successful model. But today we found out it had been removed from Xiaomi’s official site, and it’s no longer available for purchase.

Xiaomi Mi pad 3

Honestly, tablets (especially if they come with a screen size of 7 inches) are not as popular as many think. I mean users are not able to do many things via it. Say, you can watch movies, videos, play games, surf the net, and check out your social media accounts’ feeds or emails. But you will never do serious jobs on it. And though many think it’s the fault of Android, we tend to think iPad users have met these restrictions as well. So, it’s quite logical why Xiaomi has decided not to continue selling the Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 anymore.

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If looking at the improvements made on the third-gen model, we can say there are only a couple of real changes in comparison to the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2. The rest of features remain the same. What’s more amazing this statement is true for other brands as well. Simply this means there are not many things you can improve on a device that has been designed for only a few operations.

At last, you can still find accessories with a Mi brand on the official site. But the tablet itself has been removed from the store. This doesn’t mean you have no opportunity to take your hands on the Xiaomi Mi Pad 3. There are still a few retailers offering it at an affordable price tag.

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