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Xiaomi Officially Goes to Russia with Three Smartphones!

It appears that Xiaomi is gradually making its presence felt outside the Chinese homeland. Why? After heading to Korea, on April 25 Xiaomi also open it’s franchise in Russia with the three new Xiaomi products: Xiaomi Mi Mix, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and Xiaomi Redmi 4X.

Xiaomi Russia

Xiaomi’s Vice President ‘Wang Xiang’ attended the Mi launch event in Moscow. In the first presentation in Russia, Xiaomi presented the top three smartphones of last year. Xiaomi’s best was given to reaffirm the importance of the Russian market

Xiaomi Heads to Russia – Official Partner and Availability

The official partner is none other than ‘RDC’ which has a six month partnership history of selling Xiaomi products before its official release. The distributor not only markets and supports Xiaomi products in Russia but it has also developed a network of Xiaomi Service Centers. Up till now, RDC has opened six Mi Authorized Reseller Stores and and the locations are:

  • two in Moscow,
  • one in St. Petersburg and
  • one in Vladivostok

Moreover, all three smartphones will be available both online via RDC official website and in stores of major retail partners as well. The sale has started 2 days back. Here’re the pictures of the conference shown in conference:

Xiaomi Russia 8Xiaomi Russia 7Xiaomi Russia 6Xiaomi Russia 5Xiaomi Russia 4Xiaomi Russia 3Xiaomi Russia 2

More about Xiaomi’s official partner – RDC

RDC is one of the trusted tech and consumer products distributor which was established in 2007. The distributor’s slogan is:

Ideas Linked to Innovation

Getting into the details, the group consists of a number of businesses and subsidiaries, including digital equipment and accessories, consumer products such as coffee and wine, energy products and industrial investment in China.

Xiaomi Russia 9

RDC is not limited to Russia only but is an international distributor located in different countries. These include the United States and Canada in North America and Latin America, located in Russia, Europe and the CIS region, located in Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates Middle East and Africa, as well as the Asia Pacific region in China and Hong Kong) RDC’s international operations are located in Hong Kong and R D partners in global production are located in Shenzhen, China.

Xiaomi Russia 10

Let’s hope Xiaomi get the best from the Mi fans in Russia. Maybe the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has the potential to be no.1 like in India and China. Now the question is: Who’s next?

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