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XINLIN 001 RC Tank – A radio controlled tank with night vision at less than $90

Having control of the house from different zones can be complicated. The cameras usually require someone to move them to have a complete picture of what happens. And, flying a drone inside the home can be a bit complex. But what we present today will solve all these problems. The XINLIN 001 RC Tank is more than a toy; it is a device that will allow us to observe what happens in distances and places where we cannot see at that moment. The best gift for adults and children under $90.

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Design Appearance

Made of ABS plastic, the XINLIN 001 RC Tank has dimensions of 26.30 x 21.00 x 10.00cm. This tank is relatively small so that you can transit through most corners of your home. Its weight is only 1,076Kg.

The body of the tank has a futuristic design, with two lights located on the front and a central compartment with the camera and an infrared sensor. In the upper part it has a Wi-Fi antenna, and in the back part, there are two smaller lights than the front ones.

XINLIN 001 RC Tank Night Vision

The XINLIN 001 RC Tank uses a caterpillar mechanism as if it were a real tank so that it can travel on irregular terrain.


The XINLIN 001 RC Tank has a 0.3MP front camera that allows you to capture images and videos at 320 x 240p resolution, with a rate of 25 frames per second for videos. The images captured by the device can be monitored in real time through the iOS application (Monicar).

XINLIN 001 RC Tank Real time transmission

Located above the camera is a microphone that allows real-time audio of what the gadget observes.

XINLIN 001 RC Tank Built-in microphone

The XINLIN 001 RC Tank also has lights and an infrared sensor to be able to use the camera at any time of the day.


The XINLIN 001 RC Tank requires 6 AA batteries (these are included) to operate. With them, it can be used for up to 2 and a half hours before needing a 60-minute recharge.


Thanks to the Wi-Fi antenna, the XINLIN 001 RC Tank can be operated in a range of 30 to 60 meters away depending on the obstacles that exist between the tank and the control.

XINLIN 001 RC Tank Control Distance

It is essential to have a 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation iPod, an iPhone 3G, 3GS or 4 or an iPad 1, 2 or 3 to control the tank since the Monicar application is designed for these devices.

Selling Points

  1. Night vision
  2. Built-in microphone
  3. Off-road design


Whether as a toy or as a sentinel, the XINLIN 001 RC Tank will be useful for that task we assign to it. Thanks to its off-road construction and its Wi-Fi connection, driving it through difficult places will not be a problem. Also, the transmission of images in real time makes it a very viable option for the surveillance of remote areas.

Price Availability

At this time the XINLIN 001 RC Tank is available at Gearbest at the cost of $89.94.

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