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XShuai T370 By Haier Supporting Amazon Alexa at $183.99 [Coupon]

We tend to think Xiaomi always comes with the best products, and its robotic cleaners are the best in the market. Moreover, we like to think it is capable of competing with top brands. There is nothing wrong with this statement. But what if I say there are manufacturers coming with identical products for the half price? One of such smart cleaners is considered to be the XShuai T370. The latter shouldn’t tell you anything, and most of you may think we are promoting a less known brand. But the truth is the aforementioned robotic cleaner is made by Haier. Getting more interesting? The T370 comes with many key features. But they don’t affect its pricing. This robotic vacuum cleaner is offered for $183.89 if using the coupon (code: Febdeal44). Keep on reading to get acquainted with its selling points and realize what an amazing offer we are dealing with.

XShuai T370

Externally it looks like the iLife branded cleaners. So no need to discuss the appearance. Like all other models, it comes with a round shape with control keys on top and brushes on the bottom. One of the most important features of this cleaner is the high-precision Epson gyroscope sensor. Thanks to it the cleaner is capable of detecting the environment automatically, plan the cleaning route, monitor the moving angle, and correct it if needed.

Actually, there are four cleaning modes supported by the XShuai T370 – edge mode, spot mode, S-shaped mode, and automatic cleaning mode. Thus it can be used for multiple cases and needs. The cleaner also sports a Nidec brushless motor wide side brushes (two). This motor features long lifespan and low-noise performance. Plus, it comes with a 1500Pa suction that provides the best cleaning performance.

XShuai T370

The XShuai T370 provides a double filtration system. The nylon filter prevents blocking and prolongs the lifespan of HEPA, while the latter filters the allergen, dust, and harmful particles in the air.

As for cleaning and controlling the process, the XShuai T370 has no equals. First, it is packed with a 2600mAh battery that provides up to 120 minutes of cleaning time. And when the remaining power gets the minimum, it will find the charger and go to it automatically. Second, as the cleaner supports wet cleaning, there is a special water tank with a capacity of 300ml. Third, this cleaner can climb obstacles at 1cm. of course, it comes with anti-collision and anti-drop systems. At last, the cleaner can be controlled in various ways. Besides the physical keys on the top, you can use your smartphone to control it remotely or schedule cleaning tasks that will be done later. The APP it works with can automatically identify the language of your mobile phone. Finally and the most important feature, the XShuai T370 supports Amazon Alexa. So you can name it and control it via voice commands.

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